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14 Aug 2020

Madame en Vacances: Discovering Nida

 2020 being a total mess, my husband and I decided to play it as safe as possible and chose to spend our vacation in our own country, Lithuania. We picked Nida as our destination and I could not be more happy, because even though long long time ago I had stepped on the soil (or sands, to be more precise) of Curonian Spit, I have never been to Nida before. So, after leaving our dearest pets in my parents' care, off we went.

Nida met us with sunshine and warmth, basically, the perfect vacation weather. Our first evening was spent just walking around and trying to etch the map of this little town in our brains. After sitting down in one of the restaurants and drinking some tasty Riesling I felt that yeah, those almost five days that we have planned to spend here might be a period too short...

There's just so much to see in this corner of Lithuania! The immense dunes are just breathtaking, no matter from which corner you look at them. I saw them from water, from sides, stood near them, on top of them and I still did not had enough!.. Depending on the time of the day, the dunes continued to change: drowning in the deep shadows of the morning, looking gold and red during the sunset or just glowing white during the rest of the day. Both me and my husband took (too) many photos of the dunes, trying to capture their wild and unspoiled beauty.

On the second day of our stay, we rented bikes and went for a 32 km ride. It was an adventure, no doubt, but we came back far from exhausted and managed to enjoy the rest of our day.

Although Nida has some nice beaches, I did not go to swim in the Baltic sea or sunbathe. Something inside me was against the idea of being on the beach longer than it needs to pick some pebbles and get my feet wet in the waves. Later I thought that maybe I subconsciously tried to prevent myself from remembering two things from the last summer when we were in Šventoji: one being me nearly fainting from the heat in the beach and the second one being more tragic - witnessing how the sea claimed the life of a woman. So, yeah... 

Nevertheless, my mood was joyous in general, because I got to see innumerable places that were just drop-dead gorgeous. Between feasting my eyes on the landscape, I read books, sketched, took photos with my old and trusty "Zenit" camera, ate delicious food, talked with my husband and his relatives... Sounds as vacation-y as it can get!.. 

In my next post I am planning to talk more about how I challenged myself to spice up my vacation with my wardrobe choices. Stay tuned! 

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