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31 Jul 2020

Bye bye, July

Last days of July is when the summertime sadness hits me. The sudden realization that just one month separates us from autumn is always overwhelming. And since I am still editing photos from our vacation at the seaside, I thought that it would be appropriate to say goodbye to July with the moments from couple of weeks ago, when one incredibly bewitching evening was more than suitable to frolic in the fields.

It's always nostalgic to come back to the places of my childhood. This time was no exception. I miss those views greatly, especially that feeling of vastness and freedom. As a kid from a village, I long having my own space, because living in a flat can sometimes feel very suffocating. That's why I let myself enjoy that evening to my hearts content. And since there was a field of crops growing nearby, I could not resist the temptation to do that Gladiator moment (*shouts "Alexa, play "Now We Are Free" by Hans Zimmer"*). 

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