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18 Aug 2020

Madame en Vacances: Vintage Outfits for Holiday

During the past year my closet has seen some changes: while couple of years ago I have owned only a few pieces of vintage clothing, today original vintage or vintage-inspired pieces are slowly replacing my modern clothes. It's a slow process, but I am working towards my goal that is a closet full of garments that I love to wear and enjoy while doing it. So if last summer when I went on vacation I took only a couple of vintage clothes, this year I decided to challenge myself and to pack a full bag of old-timey outfits.

Let's start with the fact that this challenge was inspired by this video by Karolina Żebrowska, where she explained how she transitioned from wearing modern to wearing only vintage. She mentioned that one summer she packed only vintage clothes to wear during her trip, and that was that. So I decided to do this same and chose pieces that I could combine and create some new outfits every day. As I have mentioned before, not all of them were vintage, some of them I bought in a modern shop, but they had this vintage silhouette that could quite easily pass as a retro ones...

... like this linen dress, which has this 1930s-1940s shape and length (it's below the knee). I bought it because it was quite similar to the one that a girl is wearing in this picture. The sunglasses are modern, but they also can pass as vintage ones. I am not so sure about the bag "meeting the requirements", but straw and wicker bags were a thing in the aforementioned period too, so... Oh, and yes, the scarf is my late grandmother's, and it's at least 10 years old.

Moving on, here you can see what I wore for our 32 km. bike ride. The shirt is vintage and I got it for... 1 € at a second-hand shop, as well as these moss green, woolen bermuda shorts. This outfit was inspired by this photo from 1946. And yeah, the shoes are completely modern, but these Vagabond sandals are hard to beat when you need comfortable footwear. So unless I find a pair of vintage ones that are as comfy as these, I am not going to change them.

For the day when we went to explore the dunes I decided to go for this kind of "explorer" vibe, and paired my shorts with a yellow vintage button up shirt, that I got for 5 €. The silk scarf is also vintage and I was so glad that I did the turban, because it was fluffin' hot!

I remember I was particularly glad about this combo, because this skirt is one of my all time favorites (sorry for the wrinkles, but the apartment where we stayed had no iron). I bought it a couple of years ago as it was on sale in a fast fashion shop. Its material is linen blend so it's not only comfy, but also perfect for hot summer weather.  The straw hat I acquired last year from Vinted

This outfit was born on the spot, because I just put this vintage white skirt and wide belt on my linen dress and voila, a new look for exploring a manor (more on this adventure in one of my future posts). This "trick" I learned from Rachel Maksy who is a master in layering. I remember that this day was incredibly hot, but natural fibers are your best friends when it comes to high temperatures, so just... don't wear polyester. 

Wearing vintage takes up some courage, but did I get looks while doing it? I am not sure, but if I did, I had not noticed. Was it comfortable? Yes! Did I feel good while wearing this kind of clothes? You bet! 
   This vacation boosted my confidence to start wearing vintage to my work, which I attempt to do on varying degree of authenticity (curling one's hair to complete the look takes up some time and dedication, you know...). Nevertheless, this is an interesting period of my style, and if you would like to join me on this particular adventure, you can always follow me on Instagram

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