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14 Apr 2020

Easter 2020. Quarantine Edition

Since this whole spring is being spent in self-isolation, as the Easter was drawing nearer it became quite obvious that me and my parents will have to celebrate it separately. Thus I was challenged by baking all the mandatory dishes and painting Easter eggs. I am happy to announce, that it all turned even better than I expected!

A day before the festivities, I have baked an Easter Babka (an old Polish recipe, you can find similar one here), made some maple syrup flavoured biscuits (shaped like an egg, of course!), and even whipped some meringues (that was an adventure, believe me). All in all, it was a busy day, with lots of parallel mopping, scrubbing, and vacuuming (although we still haven't cleaned our windows...), since quarantine did not turn me or my husband into a clean freaks. This hard work made the next day even more celebratory! 

During my whole life, it was the second time when I was celebrating Easter separately (the first time being in 2017, when I was living in Estonia). And how bizarre was the feeling this time! Maybe it's because I am in this same country, but I can't meet my parents as I don't want to compromise their safety. So we arranged Easter lunch via Whatsapp and it was fun, but at the same time it was... just not the real deal. So once more I understood how I miss the non-virtual human interaction (although I am very lucky to be in self-isolation with my husband, but I just long for other people's physical presence too)!..

All in all, it was an experience (like most of the things that we do during this time, I'd say). Fingers crossed, that we'll never have to live through times like this again, because it's getting harder and harder to sit in front of a screen/camera and pretend like it's normal. I just wish that by the time it's Christmas, we can be with our loved ones once again. 

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