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6 Jul 2018

Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė 2018

I can hardly imagine my summer without going to the Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė. Although the program is pretty similar every year, I like this event because of its bustling and buzzing atmosphere both in the town's fair and in the archaeological village.

Year after year I come to this festival to look at reconstructions of ancient lifestyle (from stone age to medieval times), ranging from clothing to crafts. This time I had a chance to hear one of the participants talking about flint and how it was prepared for usage (FYI, it's all about practice and skills, especially if you want to make a perfect arrow head or an ax). Since Medieval knight fights were much later in the afternoon and I was not able to see it, I stuffed my belly with sauteed cabbage and sausage, and wandered around the village and hillforts, hiding in the shadows and trying to survive the heat.

Stay cool! 

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