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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

6 May 2018

Weekend Runaway: Kernavė

Escaping city during weekends is now a thing that I'm really looking forward to while going on with my daily duties. This Saturday my husband and I went to one of our favorite places in Lithuania - Kernavė. 

Kernavė holds a special place in my heart and I go there at least once a year. As former capital of Grand Duchy of Lithuania it is an important part of our history, but I am even more attracted by beautiful landscapes that unfold before your eyes once you're on the top of the man-made hills. 
   This time we also decided to spice things up and explore a little bit of Kernavė's surroundings on horseback! A ranch called Namelis Prerijose is near the town and you can enjoy riding Lithuanian horse breed called Žemaitukai. These ones are famous for participating in an epic journey when honoring Lithuania's 1000 year a group of riders decided to reach the Black Sea (which once was Lithuania's border) on horseback. My husband even got the honor of riding one of those legendary horses! We sure made some good memories on that day!

Photo © Things I Like