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15 Apr 2018

Weekend Getaway. Astravas Manor

When days are getting warmer and nature is finally waking up from its long slumber, it's the perfect time for short trips! This weekend I decided that it's about time that I revisited one of the places that I remember from my childhood - Astravas Manor in Biržai.

Having our backpacks stuffed with tasty treats from Biržų duona bakery, together with my husband we crossed the longest pedestrian bridge in Lithuania and arrived to Astravas Peninsula where majestic manor stands.

The manor was designed by architect Tomasz Tyszecki and built in 1849–1862 for Jan Tyszkewicz and his family. Known as one of the most prominent examples of romanticism architecture in Lithuania, Astravas Manor resembles Italian villas, especially because of belvedere (from Italian for "fair view") tower. 
   Medici lions that stand at the entrance were originally made from metal, but now they are replaced with cement copies, while originals guard Vytautas the Great War Museum in Kaunas.

It was such a pleasant trip that I imagine myself going back there next time, when I'll be back in my homeland, visiting my parents, since the town of Biržai is not that far away from there. I do recommend to have a picnic there, not only because it is such a beautiful place, but also because panorama of the town across Širvėna lake is indeed worth seeing!