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13 Oct 2015

Croatia: Reliving Game of Thrones

Kroatija yra viena iš tų šalių, kuriai labai nuskilo - čia filmuojamas didžiulio populiarumo visame pasaulyje sulaukęs serialas "Game of Thrones" (jei nežinote kas tai per žvėris, tai siūlyčiau nedelsiant šią klaidą ištaisyti!). Su Vincu esame tiek šio serialo, tiek (gal net pirmiausiai) knygų serijos "A Song of Ice and Fire" fanai, tad tiesiog privalėjome apsilankyti tose vietose, kur vyko svarbūs Vesteroso pasaulio įvykiai!

- - -

Croatia is quite a lucky country - it is one of the few places in the world where hugely popular series - "Game of Thrones" - is filmed (if you don't know what that is, I suggest to google it as soon as possible!). Vincas and I, we are huge fans both of the series and (first of all) books, so it was obligatory for us to visit those places, where important things of the Vesteros world had happened. 

Outside the Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town 
Fort Lovrijenac (Dubrovnik) - Red Keep (King's Landing)
Outside the Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town
Baroque Staircase (Dubrovnik) Becomes the Stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor
Baroque Staircase (Dubrovnik) and the Famous "Shaming" scene

Inside Dubrovnik's Old Town 
Minčeta Tower (Dubrovnik's Wall) Became House of the Undying 

Still Not Finding My Dragons...

Fortress of Kliss - Meereen

Streets of Split - Places for Slave Rebellion 
The Basement of Diocletian's Palace (Split) - Where Dragons are Kept

The Basement of Diocletian's Palace (Split) - Daenerys Throne Room 
Trsteno Arboretum (Trsteno) - The Gardens of Red Keep

Photo © Vincas Razma, screenshots © HBO