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25 Nov 2020

Christmas Wishlist

It's only a month until Christmas and this (disaster of a) year my only wish is to spend it with my family: safe, healthy, and cozy in my childhood's home. However, as it is a tradition in this blog, I let myself to dream a bit and compiled a Christmas wishlist (as it proves greatly effective in lessening the headache for my family members when thinking about what I would like). Even if these are the things that I am planning to get myself sometime in the future whatsoever, it would be lovely to find some of them packed under the Christmas tree. 

Probably the one and only thing I would like to find now under the Cristmas tree is... cello. It's been a long dream of mine to learn to play this instrument and I am saving my money for it. But let's try to be sensible and realistic. Hence, these are items that would make the holidays extra happy:

I am hunting down a bust of The Apollo Belvedere (something similar can be found here), and I am always on a lookout for vintage/antique brooches (like this one on Etsy). Last one from this trio is perfume from Dyptique, that I found this year and cannot get enough of it (sold here). 

Second trio is a vintage/antique porcelain set (I found lots of lovely ones on Vinted), as well as good tea to brew in that fancy teapot (my go-to shop is now this one). Last but not the least here is a dress from Son de Flor - I just cannot get enough of those pure #cottagecore vibes!

The last four (!) things that I am admiring from afar (well, at least for now), are: Mackmyra's whiskey Appelblom (or any other of their new whiskeys, that can be found here), a book (well, yes!) "The Book of Disquiet" by Fernando Pessoa (sold here), and two things from official "The Witcher III: Wild Hunt" merch - this mug and a notebook (to register all the monsters).

And that is all! As I look back to the previous wishlists that I've made (2017, 2016, 2014, etc.) I see that it has this sort of consistency in them, like perfume, accessories, tea, and, of course, books. And that is nice to see that although I feel like I've changed a lot, at the core I am still this same kid from the village that dreams of aesthetic things with practical purposes. 

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