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22 Mar 2020

What a Nice Idea!

I have always admired creative and crafty people. Not only they follow their drams and vocation, they also share their works with others, thus brightening our days and lifting our spirits. This is a story on how I met one very special girl, who can turn fabric to loveliest blossoms and is as much fascinated with Peter Pan collars as I am! With her works taking more and more space in my jewelry box, I think it's time to talk about the Nice Idea!  

Nice Idea was created by Salomėja, a very lovely, gifted, and amazing person in general. We met while studying PhD, and I remember vividly the moment when I spotted a stunning bracelet  (similar to this one) on her wrist. While I was pondering where she got that, my other colleague informed me, that Salomėja makes all sorts of accessories by herself. Since I was fascinated by the delicate design, I ordered a brooch, later - pair of earrings, then the turn came for a pendant... That's how I became her loyal client. Currently, I own quite a lot of Nice Idea's creations. And when I say a lot...

... I mean it. When I laid down all the beauties in one place, my husband's reaction was "Well, that is A LOT". But this cannot be helped, Salomėja's works are just too lovely! They match with my spring/summer wardrobe so perfectly, and since she designs custom pieces as well, I have some accessories that fit my more somber looks during the colder periods. For example, these two grey/black pieces, that I put on when I feel fancy or want to have this 1890s lady vibe:

This choker (I also have this model in burgundy, green, and navy blue colours) I usually wear with button up shirts, whenever my outfit consists of pants, oxfords, and a jacket. A nice, romantic detail for the otherwise formal outfit.  

Another favorite of mine are these tiny flower bud earrings, that are just incredibly delicate and also go well with my late Victorian/Edwardian era (inspired) attire. 

Black double bracelet, that I got in 2019, usually is my go-to accessory. What I like is the balance between the minimalistic black matte beads and the black butterfly-shaped pendant. 

Few years ago, I did a small collaboration project with Nice Idea, where I created two designs for Peter Pan attachable collars. In the top picture you can see me wearing the one with peonies (it goes so well with my vintage shirt!), and here's the one with the blue bird (attached to my La Redoute shirt).

Salomėja's creations are what really makes my day. They are like a promise of spring, with blooming peonies and a gentle breeze on your face. Since most likely, we are going to spend this spring inside our home, why not surround yourself in lovely things, that would make this waiting more bearable. For me, this sounds like a very nice idea

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