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1 Jun 2018

Fragrance Discoveries | Pour Elle by Angel Schlesser

Ah, summer!.. Sun, bare legs, and heart filled with wanderlust! Yesterday I found myself sitting in our garden, wrapped in a scent of blooming peonies and jasmines, and thinking about what I would like to do this summer (BESIDES writing my PhD thesis, of course). The more I've pondered upon that, the more I noticed how I like this mix of blossoms that surround me, their wonderful aroma, and how it would be wonderful to own perfume that would capture this magical evening. And today I found the answer.

Pour Elle by Angel Schlesser caught my attention last year, when a tester came with a magazine. I really liked the aroma that reminded me, as I said to my colleagues, a boudoir of a lady. However last summer I accidentally fell in love with Chanel's Chance Eau Tendre and made some good memories while wearing this perfume (this scent now reminds me of our trip to France). But this summer Pour Elle was already on mind, so when my friend suggested going to a perfume store, I agreed immediately. 

Pour Elle was created by Amandine Clerc-Marie, and its composition is floral, fresh, and at the beginning has a tinge of citrus (bergamot, red berries, and calendula), then the middle notes strike and they are composed of jasmine, peony (as you can remember, this was exactly the composition I've been looking for!), orange blossom and apple. The base consists of passionate notes of patchouli, vetiver, tonka bean, and benzoin. The perfume leaves this scent of sensual mistery, and at least for me, it has this nostalgic vibe of good bygone times.

I also added some new stuff to my make up shelves: nice, very natural looking lipstick by L'Oreal X Balmain (colour "Confidence"), bright and soft lipstick by GOSH (Velvet Touch Nourishing Lipstick, colour "Flirty Orange"), and Eyebrow Definition Cream by Pupa! I hope to use them for a bit and then write a short review! 

Happy 1st of June!

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