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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

14 Jun 2018

Blogger's Day is Here!

First of all - happy International Blogger's Day to all my virtual colleagues out there! It's so nice to see how Lithuanian blogger community is growing! This time I want to answer to one question that I've heard so many times up till this day - "How do you find time to write a blog?"

Apparently, many people think that writing a blog is a time-consuming commitment of immense proportions, followed by a daily struggle of choosing the topic and making everything that you have planned in your head become a reality on your personal web page. And they are not mistaken. Well, at least, not completely. Writing a blog indeed takes much time, especially if you want to update, let's say, daily or weekly (which I'm failing miserably). Blogging is a fun activity, but if you want to convey something more in your blogposts than just your impressions, you'll eventually have to do some kind of research, take some time in trying new products, reading a new (old) book before writing a review, take and edit photos (I still have love-hate relationship with this part), etc. So, as you see, if you want to keep some sort of quality and integrity of your page, you have to be attentive and think about many things in advance. And here blogging might start to feel more like a work, less like a hobby. It's fine if it's the case of profitable blog, but if you, like me, expect no money out of it, sometimes you might start asking yourself, is it really worth all this effort.

In my case, I've been blogging about 6-7 years in total, so for me this became a part of my life. Being a perfectionist isn't easy - I would like to update my blog much more often (as you might see from my New Year resolution posts), but sometimes I end up overthinking, and many of my pre-planned posts never see the light of day. In other times, I just feel too tired and think that I'm going to upload a post next day. And when the next day comes, the history repeats itself. There are also quite a lot of times, when I want to post about something so badly, but just can't get the timing right (for example, I do love taking outfit photos, but it's very hard to organize that my husband, who is a very talented amateur photographer, could find some spare time to do that. I know that others use tripods and cameras with remote control, but since I have none of these things, it's not an option for me). So, that leaves me with tons of blogpost-worthy ideas, but with not that much of a possibility to turn them into reality.

So, basically, what you see on my blog are ideas that somehow survived trough all of that "philter", that's why they are very dear to me. Bearing in mind, that I'm a scholar-in-the-making and now counting my last months of PhD studies (this experience is worth a blogpost on its own), time rarely was (and still is) my ally. That's why, as I often tell those who ask me how can I do so many things and still find some time to write I blog, I steal it. I steal my own time (*smiles*). And it's a bittersweet pleasure, that I can tell you. 

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