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28 Feb 2020

Vilnius Book Fair 2020: "You should live without formulas, be open to the world." (Jonas Mekas)

On this day, at this time one week ago, I was at The Book Cinema Hall, watching A Chronicle of Amorous Accidents (Pol. Kronika wypadków miłosnychdirected by Andrzej Wajda, 1986). It was the second day (out of four) of the Vilnius Book Fair, and my only day off at this event, since I volunteered to stand behind the counter this year again. And here's how it went...

How does the usual day looks like when you work at the book fair? Well, basically, you arrive around 9:30 a.m., put some books here, hang some merchandise there, then people start arriving, then it's lunch time (around 2 p.m.), and when you look once again, it's time to go home. 

Time flies there! And not only because of the continuous stream of people, who come to buy some books or to ask something. My friends already know where to find me during this event, so there's always somebody who comes to say hello, or to chat a little. This makes my day 1000 times better!

Then there are all sorts of attractions, that I sneaked out to try. Like camera obscura photos that were taken at Šiauliai "Aušros" Museum's stand. 

This year I also continued my personal tradition of attending The Most Creative Book Awards, organized by my institution, the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. This year's winner is Vidas Morkūnas and his book Pakeleivingų stotys (Wayfarers' Stations).

Here's some more behind the scenes images, that show what we have been doing during less intensive minutes...

... and some creative decor that caught my eye while running through the book fair:

Last, but not the least - books that I have bought or received as gifts! Most of them were on my list that I took to the fair, but some of them just happened to find their way into my bag. Well, you know me, I cannot say no to a good book! So home we went...

I also did not forget to buy my favorite postcards that are created by the National Museum of Lithuania. The fancy ones with the ladies in 1800s outfits are from Šiauliai "Aušros" Museum. 

Even after a week, I am still tired and my feet still hurt, but Vilnius Book Fair is an event that just cannot be easily ignored, even when you know what awaits you! Those four days are special, and even though you are happy that this loud market, as one of my colleagues put it, is over, at the end of it you get this summertime sadness kind of feeling. And you know, that next year you'll be prepared to repeat it once again.

Photos © Aesthastic, ekle.lt, Justė Kuodytė-Damskė